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RSC Signal Conditioner

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Products : RSC Signal Conditioner

Detail Information

Description : It is powered by an 11-26 or 90-250 VDC /VAC supply. It is fully programmable for Linear Voltage, Linear Current, PT100 and thermocouple types J, K, T, E, B, R, S, N, L, U, P, C, and D input. The input signal is digitized by using an 18-bit A to D converter. Its fast sampling rate allows the signal conditioner to retransmit the signal faster. It can do a maximum of 3 retransmission with one input.

The new generation of signal conditioner has a lot of unique features.
The unique features are listed below.
❖ Optional LCD Display
❖ High Accuracy 18 Bit A-D Conversion
❖ Up to 3 retransmission outputs with 15 Bit resolution
❖ Fastest Sampling Rate of 200 msec
❖ Universal Input
❖ RS-485 Communication
❖ Event Input
❖ Lockout Protection
❖ Bidirectional Menu Navigation
❖ SQRT Function for PV
Specification :
Signal Input
TypeThermocouple (J, K, T, E, B, R, S, N, L, U, P, C, D), RTD(PT100(DIN), PT100(JIS)), Current(mA), Voltage(V)
Resolution18 Bits
Sampling Rate5 Times / Second (200msec)
Maximum Rating-2VDC minimum, 12VDC maximum
Input Characteristics
TypeRangeAccuracy @ 25°CInput Impedance
J-120°C  to 1000°C( -184°F to 1,832°F)±2°C2.2 MΩ
K-200°C to 1370°C (-328°F to 2498°F)±2°C2.2 MΩ
T-250°C to 400°C ( -418°F to  752°F )±2°C2.2 MΩ
E-100°C to 900°C( -148°F to 1652°F )±2°C2.2 MΩ
B0°C to 1820°C( 32°F to  3308°F )±2°C( 200°C to 1800°C )2.2 MΩ
R0°C to 1767.8°C( 32°F to 3214°F )±2°C2.2 MΩ
S0°C to 1767.8°C( 32°F to 3214°F )±2°C2.2 MΩ
N-250°C to 1300°C( -418°F to 2372°F)±2°C2.2 MΩ
L-200°C to 900°C( -328°F to 1652°F )±2°C2.2 MΩ
U-200°C to 600°C (-328°F to 1112°F)±2°C2.2 MΩ
P0°C to 1395°C( 32°F to 2543°F )±2°C2.2 MΩ
C0°C to 2300°C( 32°F to 4172°F )±2°C2.2 MΩ
D0°C to 2300°C( 32°F to 4172°F )±2°C2.2 MΩ
PT100(DIN)-200°C to 850°C( -328°F to 1562°F )±0.4°C1.3KΩ
PT100(JIS)-200°C to 600°C( -328°F to 1112°F )±0.4°C1.3KΩ
mA-3mA  to 27mA±0.05%2.5Ω
VDC-1.3VDC to 11.5VDC±0.05%1.5MΩ
Temperature Effect1.5µV /°C for all inputs except mA input, 3.0µV /°C for mA
Sensor Lead Resistance EffectThermocouple: 0.2 µV /Ω; 3-wire RTD: 2.6°C /Ω of Difference of Resistance of two leads
2-wire RTD: 2.6°C /Ω of Sum of Resistance of two leads
Burn-out Current200nA
Common Mode Rejection Ratio(CMRR)120 dB
Normal Mode Rejection Ratio (NMRR)55dB
Sensor Break DetectionSensor open for Thermocouple and RTD inputs, sensor short for RTD  input , below 1mA for 4-20mA input, below 0.25V for 1 - 5V input, not available for other inputs
Sensor Break Responding TimeWithin 4 seconds for Thermocouple and RTD inputs, 0.1 second for 4-20mA and 1 - 5V inputs

For the product specifications, please refer to our official website.

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