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1. Methamidophos

The Spec Of Pesticides & Herbicides : 1. Methamidophos is an organophosphate insecticide. 2. Crops grown with the use of methamidophos include some Latin American rice. Many nations use methamidophos on crops, including developed nations such as Spain, US, Japan, and Australia. 3. Methamidophos is used in great quantities in ricefields in China. Rice–f....

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2. Glyphosates

The Spec Of Pesticides & Herbicides : 1. 95% Tc, 62% Ipa, 41% Ipa. 2. Glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine) is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide used to kill weeds, especially perennials. It is typically sprayed and absorbed through the leaves, injected into the trunk, or applied to the stump of a tree, or broadcast or used in the cut-stump treatment....

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