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LC Connectors

The Spec Of Electronic Components Suppliers : We offer the following passive optical components; please click on the product name directly for additional specification. When ordering, please contact our sales representative.
1. Applications: (1) Optical test equipment. (2) Interconnection between distribution centers and O-E equipment. (3) Long span optic....

Profile : Founded in 1990, BAYCOM is a subsidiary of TECOM, a member of TECO Group. Starting out as a research firm, BAYCOM has evolved into a manufacturer of high quality optical telecom products. Baycom is the first manufacturer in Taiwan who is capable of supplying both active and passive optical components. Our products ran....

Baycom Opto-Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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GPS Module (DA25 Smart Antenna)

The Spec Of Electronic Components Suppliers : Product Name: GPS Module of DA25 Smart Antenna.
* Frequency(MHz): 1575.42HMz* Antenna Dimension: 25*25*4T* Operate Voltage: +4.75V~+5.25V* Product Dimension: 25*25*8T* Weight 12g* Chip set: SiRF Star IV* Output Interface: USB/UART* Baud rate: 4800bps ....

Profile : Founded in 1996, Cirocomm is a leading provider and designer in microwave communication components industry. As the first and the only these years, we are now providing a large scale of passive 3C components, including dielectric resonators, dielectric filter and ceramic onesupplier who has the capability from material....

Cirocomm Technology Corp.
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Capacitors For Electrical Apparatus

The Spec Of Electronic Components Suppliers : The capacitors are specially designed for A.C. mini motors and electrical apparatus. Adopt metallized polypropylene film or metallized polyester film which has excellent electrical characteristic, made with newest technique and strict quality control. Capacitor has the advantages of minimal size, lightweight, low loss,....

Profile : Yuhchang, established in April 1967, is one of professional large capacitor manufacturers in Taiwan. The capital is NT$80,000,000(US$ 2,400,000). Main products have power capacitors, dry type capacitors, high and low f....

Yuhchang Electric Co., Ltd.
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B2BManufactures.com Company List : RF Components Manufacturers & Suppliers.
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